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Wolfenstein The Old Blood Free Download

Wolfenstein The Old Blood torrent Download Torrent

Seeds: 149
Peers: 70
Category: Shooter
Developer: MachineGames
Size: 1610 Mb

Torrent Size: 1610 mb
Files: 4
Info Hash: 76b7a729e45ab8a12e4ef259e10ddc5268e9fa21

Requires: INTEL CPU Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66GHz
AMD CPU Phenom II X2 545
Nvidia GPU GeForce GTS 250
OS Win 7 64
Direct X DX 11
HDD Space 50 GB

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Wolfenstein: Old Blood adventure first person shooter g ecirc; m video developed and published by Bethesda Softworks MachineGames. Package G ecirc; m expansion in the Wolfenstein series and prequel to the 2014s Wolfenstein: The New Order. A set in 1946, the story of one player stands veteran William quot; BJ quot; Blazkowicz and his efforts to find the connection Nats iuml; aid.
This game; m being played by a person walking distance level first. History located in sections that players perform in order to progress through the story. It has also been divided into two associated company. Features a variety of tools, most of which can be double hands. The protection system is also present.
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